Mounts/Bases (mobile)

Once you have chosen a mobile antenna, you need to choose a method of fixing it to your vehicle.

Most of the antennas we supply come without mounts - you can then choose the mount suitable for your use (eg magnetic, gutter, body, mirror etc). This allows you to choose how and where to mount your antenna, rather than being restricted to the type of mount supplied with that antenna.

Most antennas are a standard 3/8 thread fitting, although some of the more expensive antennas fit on a SO239 mount.

Most of these mounts are supplied without coax & plugs, this then allows you to choose a suitable length for your use. However some of the mounts (eg mirror & gutter) are available complete with a fixed length of coax & fitted plugs - this is usually given as an option you can choose at the time of ordering

If you are unsure whether any mount is suitable for a particular antenna please feel free to ask - we are only a phone call or email away.

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