Mirror Mount with GroundPlane

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Mirror Mount for Fibreglass Cabs

A special mirror mount which has a built-in ground plane, designed for use on trucks with a fibreglass cab.

Available in "standard" size (up to about 1" bar) or with the large u-bolt for up to 2" bars.

Supplied complete with coax and plug.

If you are unlucky enough to have a truck with a fibreglass cab, then fitting a CB can be a problem.

Obviously you can not use a mag mount, and both a gutter mount and roof mount although they can be fitted will not work because all antenna need metal under them to act as a groundplane.

This is the best thing we have found so far - and it does work.

The mirror mount has a small "antenna" sticking out underneath it, this is a groundplane. This effectively turns the antenna into a "dipole" and it needs no extra earthing or groundplane to work.

It will not work as well as a normal antenna fitted onto a normal metal cab, but it is the best that we have come up with so far.

Although mostly used on trucks, you could obviously use this anywhere that a groundplane is not available.