Proton PT99

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A new base antenna from the USA, very similar to the Solarcon A99, this one has the advantage of being easier to transport because it is in 4 sections rather than 3.

Rated at 2000 watts, and designed to withstand the elements, this CB radio base antenna offers high performance with the added benefit of being able to break down into 4 sections.

Perfect for DX'ers on the go.

• Four Sections: 4 Piece Fibreglass Construction with Chrome Plated Ferrules

• Overall Height: 548 cm (18 feet)

• Operating Range: 10-12 Meter

• SWR Tunable: Precise Tuning with Locking Threaded Hex Rings (located at the base of the antenna for easy SWR tuning)

• Power Handling: 2000 Watts PEP

• Mounting Hardware: U-Bolts