Formula Zero Low Loss Coax

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New twin screened high performance very low loss coax, similar to Westflex W103.

Copper braid plus a copper foil, giving 100% shielding.

The disadvantages of this coax is that it is very stiff (compared to RG213) because of it's solid single core centre, plus it is slightly larger (10mm) and so needs the special coax plugs as used on the W103 coax. 

We have currently SOLD OUT of the 50m rolls.

Key Specifications

  • Outer Diameter 10.2 mm  
  • Impedence 50 Ohm
  • Copper Inner conductor 2.72 mm
  • Screening Copper foil and braid giving 100% shield
  • Velocity factor 0.818

Insertion Losses

  • Loss:   5 MHz 0.78 dBd per 100m
  • Loss: 10 MHz 1.4 dBd per   100m
  • Loss: 30 MHz 2.35 dBd per   100m
  • Loss: 50 MHz 2.92 dBd PER  100m
  • Loss: 100 MHz 4.5 dBd PER 100m
  • Loss: 200 MHz 6.32 dBd PER 100m
  • Loss: 400MHz 09.87 dBd PER 100m 
  • Loss: 1000MHz 16.71 dBd PER 100m
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