Solarcon A99

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The original Solarcon A99 fibreglass antenna from the USA  (previously known as the Antron 99).

Our most popular higher priced antenna.

Very easy to erect, it comes in 3 sections which simply screw together. No screws or jubilee clips etc required.

Easy to swr - in most cases no adjustment is required, but if needed all you have to do is turn the tuning rings at the base of the antenna. Once in position simply lock the 2 rings together.

All 3 sections are also available as spare parts.

Important Note: it seems that the middle & top sections are now made in a different factory to the base section and are a different colour/finish to the base section. Also due to the way these are manufactured there is often a slight bend in them (especially the middle section). We can not replace antennas because of this "fault" so if you are unhappy about this please do not order one. 

Please note that the brackets supplied with this antenna will only fit a maximum 1.5" diameter pole. If you wish to mount it on a larger pole (eg scaffolding) then you need to buy larger brackets with the antenna (eg. 2 x F25).

Frequency 25-30MHz
Max Power 1000W
Length 5.3m
Radials optional
Gain 9.9dB (?)
Bandwidth 1500kHz
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