K40 Antenna

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The Original World  Famous K40

The original high quality, high performance antenna - the one everyone has heard of.

Long before we had Wilson antennas, this was THE antenna to have. It was certainly about in the 70's, when they were first made I don't know!  If something has been made the same for over 30 years it must be right!

Supplied complete with trunk (boot) mount, this can be dis-assembled to mount the antenna directly on the roof.

A special (very strong!) mag mount is available as an optional extra to fit on the antenna.

Tomorrow's antenna technology. Zero Variables. 

Other CB antennas are handmade. That means they're hand wound. Hand soldered. And hand glued. With so much variation, no two can ever be exactly alike. 

But every K40 is exactly the same. Unvarying. Totally consistent. In materials, construction, and - most importantly - in performance. 

That's because we computer design each and every component. And then match and assemble them on a fully automated production line. With tolerances that you just can't get with old-fashioned hand assembly. 

The result: Antenna performance that's far and away the best you can buy. At any price. And that means whatever road you travel, you can use your K40 with that wonderful feeling of supreme confidence. Guaranteed.
Total Length 1.6m
Coil length 50mm
Coil diameter 50mm
Frequency 26-28MHz
Max Power unknown
Fitting complete
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