The Famous K40 antenna from the USA.

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6000 Watt Power Handling !!

The latest antenna from K40 is this high power centre-loaded antenna - which will handle up to 6000 Watts.

Standard 3/8 thread fitting, so it will fit on a large range of mounts (too heavy for a mag mount!)

Last stock now only available in WHITE

K40 High Power Helical Antenna

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This is a very high power mobile antenna from K40 with a max power of 20,000W (CW).
Standard 3/8 thread mounting.


  • Open Helical Coil Gives Wide Bandwidth ( 26 to 30 MHz)And Efficient Cooling.
  • Tunable 0.200” x 48” Tapered Stainless Steel Whip for Great SWR Match and Tuning Outside of Normal CB Bands.
  • Anodize Aluminium Construction Light-Weight Corrosion Resistant.
  • Chrome Plated Brass Ferrules and Stainless Steel Stud for Strong Mounting.
  • Max Power 20.000 Watts (CW)
  • Frequency Range 26 - 30 MHz
The Original World  Famous K40

The original high quality, high performance antenna - the one everyone has heard of.

Long before we had Wilson antennas, this was THE antenna to have. It was certainly about in the 70's, when they were first made I don't know!  If something has been made the same for over 30 years it must be right!

Supplied complete with trunk (boot) mount, this can be dis-assembled to mount the antenna directly on the roof.

A special (very strong!) mag mount is available as an optional extra to fit on the antenna.

K40 Mag Mount

Delivery 5-7 Days
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Special magnetic mount for the K40 antenna.

Note that you must already have the trunk (boot) mount complete with cable which comes on the K40, because this simply sits (and is fastened) inside the mag base.

Very strong! 

K40 WeatherCap (BLACK)


A protective weather-cap to fit on your K40 mount to protect it when the antenna has been removed.

Black plastic with a metal "quick release" fitting to fit on the K40 mount.

We have just uncovered the last bag of BLACK caps, when these have sold only white will be available.

K40 Spares

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We stock replacement whips, coils and mounts for the K40.

Select the part you require from the drop-down list.

Because of the high cost of shipping whips over 1.4m can only be sent as part of a larger order (minimum £30) - this is because it currently costs us over £17 to send out a long parcel!