Zetagi SW2 Automatic Antenna Switch

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An automatic 2-way antenna switch, allowing you to operate 2 radios on a single antenna. Ideal if you have radios in 2 separate rooms or just to save the need for manually switching your antenna.

Automatically switches the antenna to your radio as soon as you transmit, no manual switching required.

Once the antenna switches to your radio it remains on that radio until the other one transmits. The antenna is only connected to one radio at any time, so you can only receive on the one radio.

Does not need any external power source.

Maximum input power 25W.

  • Frequency Range: 15 - 50 MHz
  • Connectors: UHF-Female (SO-239)
  • Input Power: 1 - 25 Watts
  • Size:  105 x 62 x 37mm