Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8

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The new Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8 is the latest generation of high performance base antennas.It has a new 5/8 wave design and the total length is only 4.35 metres, giving it high wind stability along with excellent performance.The construction is high quality fibreglass with tuneable top whip. The total usable bandwidth is 26 – 29.7 Mhz, making it ideal for CB and 10m amateur use.Supplied with 2 tuneable tips - allowing you to use the antenna over a 4MHz bandwidth.The robust weatherproof fibreglass design means you can enjoy many years of use from this high spec Thunderpole antenna.

Main Features:

● Power Handling: 1000 Watts

● Length: 4.35 m / 14’ 3"

● Gain: 9.9 dB

● Impedance: 50 Ohms

● Frequency: 26-30MHz (with tuning)

● Construction: Fibreglass

● SWR: 1:1.3

● Mounting: Pole Bracket