Sirio WeatherCap

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Replacement screw-on weathercap for Sirio SO239 fitting mounts.

Can also be used on most other SO239 mounts.

Metal Weathercap


A metal protective cap to fit on SO239 mounts.

Protects against both dirt and damage.

Note: price is for ONE cap.

Extended PL258 Double Female SO239 (standard quality)

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An extra long double female joiner, for joining two PL259's together. Approx length 2".

This one is supplied with 2 nuts on it, and is suitable for uses such as chassis mounting or even as a body mount.

The version below is a better quality version with thicker nuts & is available in 3 sizes.

Indoor/Outdoor Groundplane Kit (Magnum)

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A groundplane kit with a 3/8 stud, to allow you to use a standard 3/8 thread mobile antenna as a homebase.

Designed to sit on top of a 1.25" pole, we have found that without being on a pole it will not swr very well.

  • 4 x radials
  • Length 40cm
  • Standard 3/8 thread fitting
  • SO239 coax connection
  • Fits on 30-38mm mast

Mag Replacement Lead 3/8 Fitting

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A replacement moulded mount with coax lead and PL259 fitted.

This is a replacement lead for the standard 3/8 mag mounts (B08b and B12b).

Standard 3/8 thread fitting.