Multimode (AM/FM/SSB)

*** AM & SSB legal in UK from 27th June 2014 ***

On 27th June 2014 changes were made to the UK licence to allow the use of AM & SSB modes on CB in the UK legally for the first time.

Only approved radios are legal to use - it is not legal to use old 80's radios such as Cobra, Ham International etc.

On this page are the radios that are legal to use in the UK.

SOLD OUT - next batch in Summer!
NEW "PLUS" Version

The 7th generation K-PO DX-5000 Plus is the latest version of this fully featured amateur radio HF mobile transceiver which is pre-programmed the the 10m amateur band (28.000 - 29.700 Mhz) however you can unlock the export band without connecting to a PC (see below).  

New features on Version 7 (DX-5000 Plus):

  • VOX
  • CTCSS/DCS codes
  • RX compander
  • Noise gate
  • RX noise reduction (extra PCB inside the radio)
  • Microphone type selection: electret or dynamic
  • Program cable connector on the backside of the radio (program cable is optional)
  • Extra ventilation holes on the top and bottom cover

Inside the sleek black design of the DX5000 is an impressive array of features, including: 40w FM/SSB output (12w AM), dual frequency and channel display, 6 programmable bands, echo, scan, PA facility, RF gain, dual watch, time-out timer, voltage display, roger bleep, adjustable power, noise blanker and ANL, built in SWR meter, hi-cut filter and input voltage protection.

The radio has 6 bands of up to 60 channels that can be programmed for export purposes from 25.615 - 30.105.

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New for 2019, the long awaited President McKinley multimode CB.

The first SSB radio in a standard DIN size with front facing speaker - ideal for mounting in vehicles with a spare DIN radio slot.

The radio has many more features on it than you would think looking at the uncrowded front - this is because they are all adjusted in the extensive menu system.

We have now had a chance to test the radio and you can find out what we thought of it under the "More Details" tab.

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New Dual Band 10m & 12m

Note: these are a 10m/12m Amateur radio, and although they can be expanded to cover CB channels it in not legal to operate them on any CB channels.

The latest version of the Lincoln II is now called the Lincoln II + and now covers the 12m band as well as 10m.
The other major change is that this new version is now PC programmable, using the mini USB socket on the rear, allowing you to change various features on the radio. The power output has also been increased slightly.

The radio is all mode (AM/FM/SSB/CW) and covers the full 10m band as standard (28.000 - 29.700MHz) plus 12m (24.880 - 24.990MHz). It can be expanded for continuous coverage of 24.715 - 30.105MHz, this is for export use only and is not legal in the UK. We can supply is expanded for no extra cost.

Advanced features include CTCSS and many options that can be programmed through the menus.

Click on the "more details" link for full specs.

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RED Display
SOLD OUT - discontinued

A well known radio, in the same style as the Cobra 148.  As standard this radio operates on the European (Mid) band only, on AM, FM, USB, LSB.

Multimode export versions are also available with 240 channels and operating on FM, AM and SSB.  Please check the legal requirements for your country before ordering the export model. It can be supplied as an export radio for no extra charge.

If you want a "traditional" style SSB radio rather than one of the various current "PC programmable" radios then this could be for you, standard channel change and traditional clarifier.

Optional extras available include a plug-in frequency counter.

Note: this radio does not have the standard UK FM channels on it.

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Available to order - delivery 5-7 days
This new radio from Albrecht, the AE5890EU, is ready for the new UK AM/FM/SSB allocation plus coverage of the existing 40ch UK FM band and all European legal CB bands too!
IMPORTANT NOTE: SSB and AM is now legal in the UK on the EU channels only. Licensed amateur radio operators can also modify this transceiver to operate on the very popular 10m (28MHz) band.This great looking and easy to install CB radio has some very useful features including a choice of  7 display panel colours, dual-watch, CH9 and CH19 switching, adjustable power output, and a great LCD display with frequency and channel readout.Licensed radio amateurs are allowed to modify this transceiver to use on the 10m (28Mhz) band (28.000-29.700) with plenty of power, up to 15 watts AM/ 30 watts FM / 30 watts SSB.
Sold Out - discontinued

New upgraded version with improved RX filtering & larger heatsink

A new multimode (AM/FM/SSB) multistandard radio for use in all EU countries. Simply select your country and the radio will automatically operate on the legal bands for your country.

In the UK the radio will operate on all 80 legal FM channels, and will also operate on the new SSB channels when they are hopefully made legal later this year.

The radio works on AM, FM, USB and LSB in countries where all these modes are permitted.

A fully featured compact multimode radio with the usual President quality.

The radio is expandable for use outside the EU.

We can supply the radio either standard or expanded for no extra charge. This new version still allows you direct access to the UK 40 channels once the radio is expanded, which you lost on the standard version - so there is no need to have a switch fitted.

Although both the front and the features are identical to the standard Grant II, this radio uses a completely new circuit board which includes improved filtering and the option for higher output power (hence the larger heatsink on the rear).

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SOLD OUT - discontinued

The new top-of-range mobile from President is a multi-standard radio designed for use in all EU countries, it is the first of this type of radio that also has SSB on it for countries that permit SSB use.

When used in the UK it is a fully featured 80 channel CB, operating on FM only, on both the UK 40 channels and the EU 40 channels. Output power is variable up to a maximum of 4W.

When used outside the UK it is a capable of up to 400 channels and operates on AM, FM, USB and LSB. I am sure you can find more information about this elsewhere on the internet.

As well as all the features you would expect from a top-of-range radio, this one features President's ASC automatic squelch and also a built in VOX (voice operation) which works either through the radios own mic or using an optional "mobile phone style" mic plugged into the rear of the radio.

We can also supply the radio modified so that you can switch between "expanded" coverage and standard "UK/EU" coverage. This is only an extra £11 - just ask at time of purchase.

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Albrecht AE2990 AFS SSB Handheld

SOLD OUT - discontinued

Multistandard AM/FM/SSB Handheld

The first approved multistandard handheld CB with SSB.  This radio covers all EU approved bands including the UK 40 channels (FM only).


  • Multi mode channel:
    • Germany: 80 channel FM (4 W); 40 channel AM 1 W and SSB 4 W
    • EU: 40 channel AM 1 W; 40 channel FM/SSB 4 W
    • E: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W
    • PL: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W "0" Raster
    • UK: UK 1 to 40; EU 1 to 40
  • Selectable Hi/Low Power: Low power output mode will give the user significantly longer battery life.
  • CH 9/19
  • Lock: The Lock feature allows the user to "LOCK" all of the button
  • SQ setting: Adjusts the squelch setting (memorized with bar graph)
  • RF-Gain: Allows optimising the incoming signal
  • Battery Case: Slide on battery case, which contains 9 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • CB approved according to the European norm EN 300 433-2 and EN 300 135-2
  • Easy convertible to 10m HAM radio Frequencies

Note:  this radio is an approved multistandard CB and will operate on the various EU standards including UK CB bands.
It can also be modified to operate on 10m, 11m & 12m where permitted and you have a suitable license.