Galaxy Echo Base Mic

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A replacement for the popular Sadelta EchoMaster base microphone.

Sliders provide adjustment for both volume and echo level. A preset underneath the mic allows adjustment of the echo delay.

A switch on the rear of the mic allows you to turn the "roger bleep" on or off.

The meter indicated output level (volume) and there is an adjustable neck (with wind-shield).

Powered by a 9V PP3 battery (supplied).

• Power Base Microphone• Echo Time and Depth Control• 1 VU-Meter • Modulator Meter and TX LED• Press to Talk with Lock• Classic Echomaster Roger Beep• Type of Microphone: Electret • Sensitivity: -30 dB • Output Level: From 0 Volt to 1.4 Volt • Frequency Response: 200 - 300 Hz
• Output Impedance: 1K Ohm
• Load Impedance: 50 Ohm - 100K Ohm
• Roger Beep TX Time: 1.2 Sec. approx
• Current Drain: 8 mA (TX)
• Power Supply: One 9 Volt 6F22 alkaline battery
• Battery Life: Over 120 hours