RM Mod 550 (KLV-550)

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RM KLV 550  transistorised mains amplifier

A solid-state (transistor) amplifier which is powered directly from the mains.

Output power is variable in 6 stages, giving outputs from approx 50W to 300W (depending also upon input). There is a variable 26dB pre-amplifier.

The front panel also has a 13.5V outlet with a maximum current of 3A.  This is suitable for powering a low power radio or various low power accessories.

This has the advantage over it's valve equivalent of giving instant output (no warming up) and requiring no tuning.
The disadvantage is that transistors are much less tolerant of a high swr and will blow if the swr is too high.

Frequency HF
Voltage 230V AC
Input AM/FM 1-10W
Input SSB 2-20W
Output AM/FM 300W max
Output SSB 600W max
Size 310 x 240 x 140mm
Preamp -10dB to +26dB