Digital SWR/Power Meter

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A compact digital swr & power meter covering all bands from 1.8-50MHz with a maximum input of 120W.

Built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

  • 1.8MHz - 50MHz
  • 0.5W - 120W
  • Built in battery
  • Warning Buzzer

NOTE: requires USB-C lead to charge it (not included)


Portable Size: The small size of this tool is very convenient for everyday use, you can carry it with you easily.

Easy to Use: After the device is turned on, the version information of the device will be displayed, and its power standing waves measurement interface will be displayed after 3 seconds.

Rich Functions: Support battery level display and English operation interface, giving you a better experience.

Indicator Light & Buzzers: When Recharging, the red light will be on and the green light will be on after recharging is completed, the yellow light will be on when working. If the standing waves is greater than 2.5, the buzzers will prompt intermittently. If the standing waves is greater than 3.0, the buzzers will prompt continuously. If the battery is under voltage, the buzzers will keep prompting.

Built-in Battery: This device adopts built-in battery power supply mode, the battery can provide a continuous working time, and it can also be charged in time when there is no power.

Preferred Material: The cover is made of aluminium, wear and corrosion resistant, not easy to rust and has a long service time.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Aluminium

Frequency Ranges: 1.8MHz-50MHz

Measurement Ranges: 0.5W-120W (up to 210W. Below 120w for long-term FM, AM and CW modes; SSB mode optional)

Measurement Accuracy: < ±5%

Standing Waves Ranges: 1.0-99.99

Access Interface: SL16 (M socket)

Recharging Port: Type-C, 5v1a

Aluminium Housing Dimensions (excluding protrusions): 63mm x 88mm x 38mm (2.5” x 3.5” x 1.5”)

Battery Capacity: 1 x lithium battery, 1000mAh (included)

Insertion Loss: < 0.1db

Weight: 380g