PNI VX-6000 VOX Microphone (Voice Activated)

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Voice activated microphone for hands-free transmission.

Fitted with a standard 6 pin plug to work on most President & Midland radios.

Power is taken directly from the 12V on pin 6, no addition wiring is required.

The VOX function allows the CB user to broadcast automatically without pressing the PTT (Push-to-Talk) key. The broadcast is activated when the sound (voice) exceeds a certain level.

To prevent accidental emission, the PNI VX6000 microphone has two ways to adjust the VOX function:

1. VOX sensitivity adjustment function . 4 levels of sensitivity are available. We recommend setting the microphone to sensitivity level 1 (least sensitive) to avoid inadvertently activating the broadcast for background sounds or side conversations.

2. VOX delay adjustment function . This feature sets the time between when you started talking and when the broadcast was activated. 4 levels are available. The shortest time is on level 1.

The PNI VX6000 microphone has a 6-pin jack and is compatible with CB President, Midland, Albrecht radio stations with 12V power supply on PIN 6.

The active background noise reduction function helps to generate a clear and powerful sound.