Midland Bluetooth Dongle (Small)

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For Midland M-Mini, M10 & M20

Extremely reduced‐size, even more compact than WA‐DONGLE. WA‐CB has been designed to be used with small CB radios to which WA‐DONGLE could not be plugged‐in, due to its bigger dimensions. Thanks to WA‐CB your transceiver will become Bluetooth!

Being WA‐CB continuously connected to a CB radio, it does not need to be charged because it is constantly powered.

WA‐CB is compatible with CB transceivers with a 2-Pin Midland jack and can be used with models M-Mini, M-10, M-20.

WA‐CB works exactly as WA‐DONGLE: once plugged‐in to the proper jack of your CB transceiver, you can choose amongst the earphones of WA line upon your needs:
 WA21 Bluetooth earphone/mike
WA31 Bluetooth microphone with pneumatic earphone
WA29 Bluetooth neckband headset microphone or WAMIKE Bluetooth microphone. All these accessories are equipeed with a PTT button.
WA‐CB can be also connected to the wireless
WAPTT that allows transmitting without using the PTT of the earphones or headsets. 
 ◾ Attention: The WA-Dongle/Bluetooth Adapter can not pair with the Intercom Bluetooth Midland Next Generation.
◾ Attention: TheWA-DONGLE/Bluetooth Adapter  operates only in combination with its own WA-PTT and its owns WA Headset WA21 / WA29 / WA31. It is not an universal Dongle that can function with other Bluetooth headsets.