Superstar Sharp Shooter Power Mic Chrome

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Do you remember the 007 microphone from the 80's?  This new microphone from Superstar is very similar to it but from what I remember this one feels better made!

A very unusual mic to look at, but when you get it in your hand it is surprising how comfortable it feels.

You hold the mic like a "pistol", and the PTT is the "trigger" that you press with your forefinger. The mic element is in the top of the mic, so just squeeze the trigger and talk into the top.

The output level is easily adjusted using the small control on the handle underneath the PTT.

Performance is very good, with very sharp and loud audio reported.

The casing is metal rather than plastic, and does give it a better quality feel.

Available in CHROME or GOLD only (black is now sold out & discontinued).

Supplied complete with a battery and a plug fitted to suit your radio.

And it is a surprisingly reasonable price!

GOLD now sold out, available in CHROME finish only.

• Voltage: 6 Volt Battery, Type 4LR44• Current : 1 mA• Output Impendance 5 KOhms• Sensitivity: -26±4dB (0dB = 1V/pa 1000 Hz)• Freq. Response: 150-10000 Hz• Connector: 4-Pin• Colour: Black
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