Nissei RS-50

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VHF/UHF  (125-525MHz)

The new NISSEI digital SWR/Wattmeter allow the simultaneous reading of the transmitted power value, of the reflected power and the SWR with an accuracy of 5% .

The RS-50 has been designed for the bands from 125-525MHz (2m & 70cm) with a reading of the power from 0 to 120W.

On the display, in addition to displaying the measurement made, an icon indicates the battery charge level.

A micro-USB / USB cable to be connected to the PC is supplied to externally power the instrument. The batteries (2 x AAA) cannot be recharged with this cable as there is no circuit in the instrument that allows external recharging. It is possible to enable and disable the backlight to increase the life of the batteries.

Frequency range: 125-525MHz (HF Band)

Measurable power range: 0 - 120W

Maximum power: 120W

Accuracy:  AVG +/- 5%

Impedance:  50Ω

Connector: SO-239 (PL259)

Power:  2 x AAA Battery / External USB port

Dimensions:  70WX 78H X 30Dmm

Weight:  220g