Wilson 2000 Trucker 50 Years Limited Edition

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With having an elevated loading coil this should outperform the Wilson 1000 and 5000, however you will need a strong mount for it (not suitable for a mag mount).

The base section is solid and so will not have any give in it if you catch the antenna on low trees etc.

• T2000 Series is a Stainless Steel Centre Loaded Coil• 25cm (10 inch) Shaft and 125 cm (49 inch) Stainless Steel Whip
• Rated at 3500 Watts
• Standard 3/8 x 24 Chromed Brass Ferrule
• Larger Coil Housing Allows for Increased Power Handling 
• Patented Low Loss, Air Wound Coil Design
• Uses 10-Gauge Silver Plated Wire
• Black and Clear Coil is Made of High Impact Engineered Thermoplastic
• Frequency Range: 26 MHz to 30 MHz
• Static Reducing Weather Cap
Total Length 1.65m
Coil length 60mm
Coil diameter 50mm
Frequency 26-28MHz
Max Power 3500W
Fitting 3/8 thread