Midland Alan 48 PRO

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New DUAL VOLTAGE version (12/24V)

Latest "PRO" version with BLUE display

These new "multi-band" radios from Midland allow you to use your radio legally in most European countries.
You select what country you are using the radio in, and the radio will then operate on the legal channels for that country.

Ideal if you have a use for this feature, such as international truckers or mobile home on the continent.

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The Midland 48 Multi is one of the new "multi-standard" radios designed for use in all EU countries -you simply select what country you are using it in and the microprocessor will select the legal channels for that country!  Ideal for truckers driving into Europe.

The bands and channels available on each band can be seen listed in the table at the bottom of this page. It is a very simple task to change the band whenever required (eg as you cross boarders) and full instructions are included.

Obviously you must ensure that the channels you select are legal in the country you are visiting - but this is done automatically by the processor when you select the correct “country” code.

Previously visitors to Europe from the UK have faced problems, because the UK 80 channel rigs are unique to the UK and are not actually legal for use anywhere else in the world! These new radios overcome that problem.

Both these radios have already been available in the UK in either their 40 channel or 80 channel versions. They have in fact been available for many years now, so are a good proven design.

The Midland 78 Multi is a fairly basic compact mobile, with LCD multi-display, rotary channel change and scan facility.

The Midland 48 Multi is the top of the range model with additional features such as mic gain, RF gain, PA and memories.

Both radios come with a channel-change microphone as standard.

Both radios come with a new style microphone. This is very similar to the mic used on the original Midlands (eg 2001) but has channel change buttons on the top and a third "lock" button.

Obviously you must only use these radios on the band which is legal in the particular country you are in, and must you have an appropriate license to use the set where required. Use outside of the legal bands for that country will make the radio illegal and you may be prosecuted.



Channels / Power



40ch AM/FM, 4W



34ch AM/FM, 4W



80ch FM, 4W / 12ch AM, 1W



40ch FM, 4W / 12ch AM, 1W



40ch FM, 4W / 40ch AM, 1W



40ch FM, 4W



40ch AM/FM, 4W



40ch FM, 4W / 40ch AM, 1W



80ch FM, 4W

  • Multiband CB (Incorporates 40 UK/40 EU channels, plus other European and North American frequency bands.
  • Large backlit LCD Display with Digital Signal meter.
  • PLL Tuner.
  • External Speaker and Signal Meter Jack.
  • "SCAN" function.
  • 5 programmable memory channels.
  • PA function.
  • Local and DX option.
  • RF and Mic Gain controls
  • Supplied with precision Mic and Mounting Bracket.
  • Max 4W Output.
  • Dimensions:154 x 50 x 175mm.