Sirio 827

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A very high quality 5/8 wave antenna with groundplanes. This is probably the best base antenna available.

Made from aluminium with Magnesium for better radio conductivity and maximum strength. This is certainly the strongest aluminium antenna available.

The large open coil prevents any build up of water or condensation and allows the antenna to handle high levels of RF power.

The top section is adjustable for swr, although in our experience there is usually no adjustment necessary.

Download a copy of the instructions here


– Base station antenna, Omnidirectional
– High power handling capability
– Low radiation angle for excellent DX
– Equipped whit excellent multi element ground plane
– Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832
– Protection from static discharges DC-Ground
– Optional radials reinforcement, anti-noise NYLON RING (P/N 2511001.00)

Electrical Data:

– Type: 5/8λ ground plane
– Frequency range: tunable from 26.4 to 28.4 MHz
– Gain: 1.5 dBd, 3.65 dBi
– Bandwidth @ SWR ≤ 2: ≥ 2000 KHz
– Max. power:
1000 Watts (CW) continuous
3000 Watts (CW) short time
– Connector: UHF-female

Mechanical Data:

– Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Copper, Nylon
– Height (approx.): 6700 mm / 22 feet
– Weight (approx.): 6000 gr / 13.2 lb
– Mounting mast: Ø 35-39 mm / Ø 1.4-1.5 in

Frequency 26-29MHz
Max Power 1000W
Length 6.7m
Radials 8 x 1.4m
Gain 3.65dB
Bandwidth 2000kHz
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