RM Mod 250 (KLV-250)

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RM KLV 250  transistorised mains amplifier

A solid-state (transistor) amplifier which is powered directly from the mains.
Output can be selected high or low (approx half when on low) and there is a variable 26dB pre-amplifier.

This has the advantage over it's valve equivalent of giving instant output (no warming up) and requiring no tuning.
The disadvantage is that transistors are much less tolerant of a high swr and will blow if the swr is too high.

Frequency HF
Output SSB 240W max
Output AM/FM 120W max
Voltage 230V AC
Size 170 x 280 x 115mm
Input SSB 2-20W
Input AM/FM 1-10W
Preamplifier -10dB to +26dB