Palomar MAX-MOD

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High Current and High Power PNP Transistor, including Mica Insulator.Designed for use in the current regulation / modulation circuit of two-way radio transceivers that use the standard 2SB and TIP series power transistors.

• High Current / High Power PNP Power Transistor (AM Regulator)
• Replaces & Upgrades 2SB688, 2SB817, 2SB827 and other AM Regulator Transistors in CB and Amateur Radios
• Supplies Necessary Current Levels for Maximum Modulation
• Most Radios See 10% Increase in Peak Power Levels
• Runs 40% Cooler than Stock Regulators
• Massive TO-3PL Package for Improved Heat Dissipation
• Comes with Mica Insulator

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