MFJ-991 Auto ATU

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MFJ-991 Intellituner Auto ATU

Automatically tunes any balanced or unbalanced antenna. Ultra fast with 2,000 memories, it tunes 1.8- 30MHz and has both digital and analogue VSWR meter, audible VSWR meter feature, remote control port and radio interface. 300W SSB and 150W CW.

A new automatic ATU suitable for use with any HF radio.

Automatically tunes any balanced or unbalanced antenna.

New 10,000+ memories for superfast tuning.

Basically the same as the MFJ-993 but without the digital display & only 2 antenna inputs rather than 3.

All Embracing
The MFJ-993 lets you tune any antenna, unbal-anced or balanced (coax or open wire feeder) in a flash. Yes, this tuner is ultra fast. It's a complete antenna tuning centre that interfaces between transceiver and antenna systems. It incorporates a wide range antenna tuner, VSWR and Power metering, antenna switch for two antennas and 4:1 current balun for balanced lines such as 300 Ohm ribbon, 450 Ohm slotted line and open wired feeders.
MFJ Exclusive
 MFJ's exclusive IntelliTuner, Adaptive Search and InstantRecall algorithms give you fast automatic tuning with over 2,000 non-volatile memories. Built around a highly efficient L-network, it offers 6 -1600 Ohm matching at full 300 Watts SSB from 1.8 - 30MHz - no gaps. Both cross needle and backlit LCD readout is included plus a remote control port, radio interface and heavy duty 16A/1000V switching relays. It's tough!
It learns as you go!
 That's right, the more you use the ATU, the more information it stores in its brain. It remembers the frequency and tuner settings you used last time on that antenna. A great little trick eh? Each of two antennas can learn over 1,000 settings and the details are safely stored in a non-volatile revolving memory.
Ultra fast data retrieval
MFJ's InstantRecall first checks its memory to see if you have used the combination before. If so the tuning is so fast you won't know it's happened -apart from a low VSWR! If not MFJ's IntelliTuner algorithm - based on MFJ's famous VSWR analyser - kicks in. It measures the complex impedance of your antenna, then calculates the components it needs and instantly selects the correct values. Then it fine tunes to get minimum VSWR and you are ready to operate. It's all done in a fraction of a second. And MFJ claim that when the impedance is within its measuring range, it is the fastest automat-ic antenna tuner in the world.
It's got intelligence as well!
 If it can't accurately determine impedance, MFJ's AdaptiveSearch algorithm swings into action. The frequency is measured an relevant component values are determined. Only those values are searched to make sure you get the fastest tuning possible. And for even faster action you can set the target VSWR anywhere between 1:1 - 2:1. Neat eh?
Dual visual and single audio indications
You can't beat needle meters for indicating the action as you speak or the tuner does its adjust-ments, and you can't beat LCD for detailed readout. With MFJ you get both! In fact the LCD readout offers VSWR, forward and reflected power, frequency, antenna one or two, L/C tuning values and more. And for those with poor sight or if the tuner is not otherwise visible, you also get an audible indi-cation.
Unique Remote Operation
Experienced hams know that the very best place for an ATU is right near the antenna. But this is not possible with normal ATUs. But MFJ offer a remote operation port and with the optional MFJ-990RC. you can put the ATU just about anywhere you wish. And the ATU also supports radio tuner interfaces such as the IC-706 series with interface cables to be made available.
Tune anything you wish
 With this tuner you can match dipoles, end fed wires, balanced feeder systems, mobile whips and just about anything you can think of.
Frequency 1.8-30MHz
Power 150W  (300W SSB)
Size 257 x 234 x 71mm
Connectors SO239 + terminals
Balun Internal 4:1
2-way Antenna Selector
10000+ Memories