Heavy Duty Version

Thunderpole Orbitor HD

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The Original "Springer" Antenna

The most popular antenna available - especially with truckers and farmers.

This is the "HD" version, which will work the same as the standard one but has slightly heavier construction (thicker neck & base).

Sold under a variety of names (Orbitor, Springer, Stinger etc) but Thunderpole claim to be the original manufacturers.

These are the most flexible and hard wearing antenna ever made, the large open coil acting like a big spring.

This is the original Thunderpole version, available in black or chrome only, and supplied carded.

Cheap versions are available for under £10, but those have a straight (not tapered) poor quality steel whip, which "flops about" a lot because of it's weight and is easily bent out of shape.

Total Length 1.55m
Coil length 150mm
Coil diameter 50mm
Frequency 26-28MHz
Max Power 1000W
Fitting 3/8