RM BLA-300

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Sold Out - discontinued

HF Base Amplifier

Frequency HF  (1.5-30MHz)
Supply 110 or 230/240 V
Input energy/power 600 VA
Input power 1 - 25 W
Output power 250-300 W
Mode All
Fuse 4A
Size 155 x 355 x 270 mm
Weight 9,5 Kg.
Antenna preamplifier 10 - 30 MHz

A new base station HF Linear Amplifier, for all bands and all modes 1.5 - 30MHz.

Features include:

1.5 - 30 MHz All-Mode All-Band
250 - 300W Output
Electronic switching
PTT input - ALC output
RF Output Watt Meter
Tunable antenna preamplifier
High antenna SWR protection
Excessive input power protection
Excessive temperature protection
6 Low-pass filter manual selected
Forced multispeed ventilation

Also sold as the SOMMERKAMP SLB-300

Copies of the instruction manual and technical manual can be viewed by clicking on these links.