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150 Watt Inverter

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High Efficency

Fan Cooled

Short Circuit Protection

Over Current Protection

Over Heat Protection

Low Battery Alarm

A  popular inverter which offers exceptional value for money.

These come with a proper 13A 3-pin socket fitted and a cig lighter plug ready to go.

Available in 12V only.

A complete range of regulated inverters to power 220V-240Vac equipment via a car or boat battery. Due to their high performance (> 90%) the inverters generate very little heat. The high stability of the output frequency (±1%) makes them equally suitable to power sensitive devices. These inverters generate a modified sine wave, which although not perfect, is considerably superior to the square waves which are produced by most other inverters. The inverters have an operating temperature range from -15°C to 55°C and are suitable for powering electrical equipment such as portable TVs, videos, lamps, pumps and battery chargers, etc.
Constant Power 150W
Peak Power 300W
Output Voltage 230Vac
Wave Form Modified sine wave
DC Input 10-15V
Auto Shutdown 10V
Battery Alarm 10.5V
Efficency 90%
Size 147 x 130 x 56mm
Weight 850g