Pre-amplifiers are used to boost the receive signal only, they have no effect on your transmitted signal.

In general we find them to offer very little advantage on FM because they will boost any background noise/interference just as much as they boost any wanted signal.
However on AM and SSB they can make a significant difference.

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Zetagi P27-m  pre-amplifier

A compact pre-amplifier designed especially for mobile use.

Gain is continuously variable up to 25dB.

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Zetagi HP28  base pre-amplifier

Although this 12V pre-amplifier is usually used homebase (because it is quite large) you could use it mobile if you wish.

Designed to match the various other meters in the Zetagi HP range.

PR-27 Preamplifier



A popular 12V pre-amplifier for use either mobile or homebase.

  • Variable gain up to 25dB
  • Attenuation up to -25dB
  • AM/FM/SSB switch
  • Relay switched (bypassed if power removed)
  • Standard SO239 sockets (PL259)
  • 26-30MHz
  • Max Input: 15W AM/FM, 30W SSB
  • Dims: 160 x 120 x 50mm