Nicads / NiMH

Rechargeable batteries, available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Save money and help the environment by using rechargeable batteries - not only in your handheld radio but around the home as well.

Over the past few years the capacity of rechargeable batteries has increased 5 fold. Standard AA batteries used to be around 500mAh, now you can get over 2500mAh for the same price!

The new NiMH batteries not only have a higher capacity than the NiCd version they replace, but they also do not suffer from the same "memory effect".


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Now available up to 2800mAH

Standard AA size NiMh battery, as used in most handhelds etc.  Having the advantage over Nicads of a higher capacity and no memory effect.

Available in a variety of capacities.  If you need 10 (or more) check out the cheaper prices further down this page.

AA (Pack 10)

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Standard AA size rechargeable NiMH batteries, as used in most handhelds etc.

Available in a variety of capacities.

Save money by buying 10 at a time.


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AAA size NiMh batteries.

Available in 400mAH, 650mAH and 950mAH.

PP3 NiMh

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PP3 size NiMh battery.

200mAh capacity.

8 x 2600mAh AA NiMh Batteries

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Set of 8 high capacity (2600mAh) NiMh batteries for the Midland Alan 42 handheld
Sold Out - discontinued

A sealed 12V rechargeable battery pack for the Maycom AH27, Midland 42, and RadioShack handhelds.

Because this pack is a full 12V, it allows your radio to give a full 4W output. If you used nicads in the normal empty battery case, you will only have 9.6V (8 x 1.2v) and consequently the output from your radio will be lower.