Mic Clips

Gearkeeper MicKeeper

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Secures your Mic in cab so that it's easily extended during use, eliminating the need to re-hang it on a clip.

Avoid the bungie cord problems (swinging, getting hit in the head, or dropping). You can adjust the hanging level, if necessary with the lanyard extension.

Even when the Mic is hung for maximum extension, the swinging is significantly less than with a bungie cord!

Available in 2 models (standard and heavy duty) and a range of colours!

Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let It Go - It retracts back up to the headliner.

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Mic Clip (screw on)

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Standard microphone clip, which fastens with 2 screws.

Mic Clip (self adhesive)

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Plastic microphone clip with double sided sticky pad.

Works well so long as surface is flat and clean.

Thunderpole Self Adhesive Mic Clip

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A superior quality stick-on mic clip as supplied with Thunderpole CB radio.

Self adhesive  - will stick to any clean flat surface.

Magnetic Mic Clip

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Microphone clip with magnetic back, to stick to any metal surface (eg side of your rig).

Mic Hook (plastic)

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A plastic hook which clips onto your mic and will then "hang" anywhere (eg from mirror or sun visor).

Mic Hook (metal)

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A metal hook which clips onto your mic and will then "hang" anywhere (eg from mirror or sun visor).

Replacement Mic Button

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Firestik RMB-1 universal replacement microphone button.

An aluminium replacement button to replace a broken or worn plastic button on the back of most mics.

Supplied with fitting nut/bolt.

Depending upon the design of your mic you may need to drill the mic casing to fit this.

NOTE:  new stock is now SILVER rather than BLACK.