Battery Packs

Replacement empty battery packs and rechargeable battery packs.

President Randy 3 Battery Pack

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Original replacement battery pack for President Randy 3.

Lithium-Ion 7.4V, 1800mAh

tti H100 Battery Pack

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tti Battery PAck

A original replacement 2600mAH  Li-Ion battery for the tti TCB-H100 handheld.

Also used on other tti handhelds TTI TX1000U & TX2000U.

Midland 42 Battery Case (8 cell)

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Replacement empty battery case for the Midland 42 handheld.

This 8 cell case also has a socket for a charger, allowing you to charge a set of batteries without removing them from the case.

The smaller 6 cell pack is no longer available as a spare.

These will also fit the Maycom AH27 and Radioshack handhelds.

President Randy II Battery Pack

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An original replacement Li-Ion battery pack for the President Randy II handheld. Also suitable for the Lafayette Urano.

  • Sealed Li-Ion battery pack
  • 7.4V
  • 2100mAH

Jopix / kPO / Randy Battery Pack

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Original Jopix CB-413 replacement battery pack.

Also suitable for use on the kPO Panther and President Randy 2.

  • Sealed Li-Ion battery pack
  • 7.4V
  • 2200mAH

Albrecht AE2990 Replacement Battery Case


A replacement empty battery case for the Albrecht AE2990 and Magnum 1012 handhelds.

With built-in charging circuit - just plug your charger into the socket on the case.

Sold Out - discontinued

A sealed 12V rechargeable battery pack for the Maycom AH27, Midland 42, and RadioShack handhelds.

Because this pack is a full 12V, it allows your radio to give a full 4W output. If you used nicads in the normal empty battery case, you will only have 9.6V (8 x 1.2v) and consequently the output from your radio will be lower.

Albrecht / Rexon Battery Case (6 cell)

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A replacement empty battery pack holding  6 x AA batteries, for  various Albrecht and Rexon 2m & 70cm  handhelds.

Integral power socket for plugging in a charger.

Albrecht / Rexon 7.2V Nicad Pack

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A sealed rechargeable battery pack  for various Albrecht and Rexon 2m & 70cm  handhelds.

Lafayette Battery Eliminator

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A battery eliminator for the Lafayette Urano hand-held.

Simply remove the battery from your hand-held and slide the eliminator on in it's place. You can then plug this into your cig lighter socket to power your radio when used mobile.

Also includes a mobile mounting bracket.

12V only.

Midland HP446 Replacement Battery Pack

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A high capacity Li-Ion replacement rechargeable battery pack for use on Midland HP446 radios.

These are now only available in 1800mAH rather than the standard 1300mAH.

Midland HP450 Replacement Battery Pack

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A high capacity Li-Ion replacement rechargeable battery pack for use on Midland HP450 radios.

These are only available in 2200mAH capacity.