Banana Plugs (pair)

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A pair of standard banana plug for plugging into power supplies etc.

No soldering required, simply fits with a screwdriver.

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A pair of high quality very heavy duty banana plugs, with coloured ID bands.Used on CB & Amateur power supplies, speakers, amplifiers etc.Will accept cable up to about 50A.

Banana Chassis Socket

Sold Out

Chassis banana socket to fit on a power supply etc.

Available in red or black.

Banana In-line Socket

Sold Out

An in-line banana socket, for making extensions etc.

Available in red or black.

No soldering required, simply fits with a screwdriver.

Banana Chassis Socket

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Chassis banana socket to fit on a power supply etc.

These have a screw-off biding post terminal - so you can put a wire or terminal behind it.

Available in red or black.

Cigar Lighter Plug

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Standard cig lighter plug, for fitting to power leads.

Requires soldering.

Solderless Cigar Plug

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An easy-fit solderless easy-fit cig plug with internal fuse.

  • Screw terminals
  • Max 15A
  • Built-in fuseholder
  • Supplied with 10A fuse

Cigar Lighter Plug (fused)

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Cig lighter plug with built-in fuse holder, for fitting to power leads.

Supplied with a fuse of your choice.

Requires soldering.

Universal Cig/Hella Plug

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A universal solderless plug which will fit both standard cig & Hella type sockets.

With the red cap fitted, it is standard cig size. Remove the red cap and it fits in a hella socket.

  • Solderless screw connections
  • Internal Fuse

Hella Type Plug

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A 12V power plug, often used in trucks.

Easy fit, with screw terminals.

Hella Type Chassis Socket (Ring)


A chassis mounted socket with spring loaded cover, to accept Hella type dc power plugs.

Can be used on 12v or 24v systems, with a maximum load of 16A.

Cigar Lighter In-line Socket

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Standard cig lighter socket, accepts standard cig plug.

Requires soldering.

Cig Lighter Chassis Socket

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Chassis cigar lighter socket, for fitting in a hole in the dash etc.

Crocodile Clips (small)

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Small crocodile clips with rubber cover.

Available in red or black.

Crocodile Clips

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Crocodile clips suitable for clipping on car batteries etc. Available in a medium or large size.

Available in red or black.

Cig Lighter Double Adapter (solid)

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A solid 1-piece double adapter for a standard cigarette lighter socket.

Note: design has changed slightly since picture.

  • 12V or 24V
  • 10A maximum

Cig Lighter Double Adapter (lead)

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A double adapter for a standard cigarette lighter socket, with loose sockets on short leads.

Has the advantage over the 1-piece version of being more flexible if the cig lighter is in an awkward position.

Cig Lighter 2-way Extension

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A double cigarette lighter socket on approx 1m of cable with a cig plug on the end.

Supplied with a mounting bracket and double sided sticky pad.

The sockets have blanking covers for when not in use.

Note: latest delivery is silver/grey rather than black.

Cig Lighter 4-way Extension

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A 4 way cigarette lighter socket on approx 4ft of cable with a cig plug on the end.

Three of the sockets are designed for use with accessories up to 2A each, the 4th socket is designed to plug the cig ligher into.  Maximum total output 10A.

A 3-LED indicator shows battery status.

Supplied with mounting bracket.

Hella to Cig Adapter

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An adapter lead to allow you to plug accessories fitted with a standard cigarette lighter plug into a "Hella" socket.

Maximum current 10A.

Cig Lighter Socket Kit

Sold Out - discontinued

A complete cig lighter socket kit for fitting in your car (or anywhere else).

Comes complete with a push in cig lighter.

Cig lighter & Hella Plug Adaptors


More cig lighter adaptors and Hella plugs and adaptors can be found by clicking HERE

RM Power Plug

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A replacement original power connector for various high power RM amplifiers.

Ideal if you want to make a spare lead to use in more than one location.

Used on HLA300V, HLA305, HLA305V, KL405, KL405V, KL503, KL503HD, KL505, KL505V, KL506, KL703, KL805, LA250, LA250V and others.

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Plug-in AC adaptor with cigarette lighter socket and LED indicator.

Ideal for charging mobile phone batteries, or any other accessory fitted with a car cigarette lighter plug.

Maximum output 1A.

Not suitable for use with pumps, cool boxes etc.