Power Leads

A range of replacement 12V power leads to suit many types of CB & Amateur radios. 

All come supplied with in-line fuse holder and fitted fuse.

2 Pin Round

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Popular replacement power lead to suit most Cybernet boarded radios.

Examples include: Harrier, Rotel, York, Harvard, Radiomobile etc

2 Pin Midland

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Replacement power lead to suit most Midland radios plus a few other makes.

Examples include: Midland 77-104, Midland 78, Midland 48, etc

3 Pin (uniden)

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3A or 15A versions 

A popular 3 pin power lead, with 2 of the pins closer together to prevent you plugging it in wrong way around.

Available as standard (for standard FM CB's) or heavy duty (15A) for multimode radios.

Also available with a cig plug fitted.

Examples include: Uniden, Audioline, Cobra, etc

Heavy duty version now back in stock

Blank Fused Lead

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A replacement power leads for radios where the lead is wired directly into the radio.

Approx 1.5m long with a fitted fuseholder and 3A fuse.

Assorted Power Leads

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Any 10 x Power Leads

A mix of any 10 of the above standard power leads (any priced at £3.95 each).

Just note which leads and the quantities in the box provided on the right.

Choose from:

  • 2 Pin
  • 3 pin (standard)
  • blank

K40 Heavy Duty 3 Pin Power Lead + Cig Plug

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An extra heavy duty 3 pin power lead (15A) with a cig lighter plug fitted.

Made by K40, and designed for high power radios, this power lead is made with a 1.8m long 15A cable and is fitted with a fused cig lighter plug.

2 Pin Amstrad

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Limited stock available

A small power lead with 1 round and 1 square pin.

Fits: some Amstrads, Mustang, Pama.  Does not fit early Amstrad radios that had a power lead with a clip at each end rather than 1 in the middle.

On some radios we find that the clip is too "thick" and you may have to shave a little off the side of the clip to make it clip in.

These power leads/sockets are notorious for being a loose fit, especially once the radio gets a few years old.

3 Pin Midland/Maxcom/Danita

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Limited Stock

A popular 3 pin power lead for early Midland & Maxcom radios, with clip on side.

Examples include:  older Midlands, Maxcom, Commtron, etc

Unfortunately this lead has been discontinued and the only stock we have been able to find is very expensive!!

PNI Power Lead (small 2 pin)

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Original PNI 2 pin power lead to fit PNI HP 6500, PNI HP 9500, PNI HP 7120, PNI HP55 and PNI HP 8900.

This is the smaller white connector with one round & one square pin. It is the same size as the Amstrad plug BUT is wired the opposite way around!

Will also fit similar radios such as the CRT Millenium, Midland M-Mini and Thunderpole T-600.

It is unusual in that the fuse holder also holds a spare fuse

PNI Power Lead (large 2 pin)

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Original replacement power lead for PNI radios.

Fits HP 8000L, 8001L, 8024, 9001PRO, and 9700.

Will also fit other makes such as Thunderpole & Jopix.

It is unusual in that the fuse holder also holds a spare fuse!

Thunderpole T-3000 Power Lead

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Replacement power lead suitable for the following radios:

  • Thunderpole T-3000
  • Jopix AP-6
  • Midland M-Mini

Available in 2 versions - either with a fused cig plug fitted (no fuse in lead) or a plain power lead with inline fuse (and no cig plug).

tti Power Lead

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Original replacement power lead for tti radios.

Fits TCB-550, TCB-660, TCB-770, TCB-771, TCB-880, TCB-881 and TCB-1100.

SS9900 Power Lead

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Replacement power lead for CRT SS9900.

"T" shaped plug on a heavy duty cable with twin fuse holders.

Will also fit: Albrecht AE485, Magnum 257, Magnum Deltaforce etc.

T- Connector Power Lead Icom, Kenwood, Maxon PMRC2

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A short power lead suitable for many PMR radios, including Icom, Kenwood & Maxon.

This is also the same connection as used on some CB & Amateur radios, including Magnum & Alinco.

The lead is not fused and just comes with a short length of cable to join into your existing wiring.

Yaesu / Kenwood / Alinco / Magnum / Albrecht 2 Pin

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A heavy duty power lead which fits many of the Yaesu, Kenwood, Alinco, and Icom VHF/UHF radios.

Supplied with twin fuse holders with 15A fuses fitted

Note: current stock has a blue plug

President Lincoln (mk.1) Power Lead

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Limited Stock

A heavy duty replacement power lead for the Original President Lincoln and Uniden 2830  radios.

10A cable with 8A fuse fitted.

Kenwood / Icom 6 Pin

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A replacement 12V power cable which fits many of the Kenwood and Icom HF radios. 6 pin plug.

Supplied with heavy duty cable, twin fuse holders and 20A fuses.

HF Power Lead (4 pin)

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A replacement 12V power lead for HF radios which use a 4 pin plug (eg IC-7000).

Supplied with heavy duty cable, twin fuse holders and 20A fuses.

Quick Release Non-Reverse Power Lead

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A non reversible quick disconnect to fit in a power lead, supplied on short wire stubs.

Ideal where you need to remove equipment or for connecting it in 2 different locations.

Albrecht Power Lead (AE7500, AE5890 etc)

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Original replacement power lead to fit various Albrecht radios, including the AE7500 and AE5890.

Fitted with a single fuseholder.

Albrecht AE6891 Power Lead

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Original power lead for Albrecht AE6891.

Note, this lead does not have an inline fuse holder (the fuse is on the other part attached to the radio).

Power Lead Thunderpole T-2000

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Original power lead for Thunderpole T-2000 with cig lighter plug fitted.

Motorola GM Power Lead PMRC4

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Heavy duty 16 gauge bullet quick disconnect lead consisting of non reversible moulded plug and socket terminating to simple cut end.

Suitable for Motorola GM series PMR transceivers.

Lead is 31.5cm overall in length.

Power Lead for ICOM PMR Radios PMRC3

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Replacement Power Lead for Icom PMR Radios

A replacement 2-pin power lead for use with older Icom PMR radios.

Power plug fitted with red & black 12v power lead, terminated in black screw-in fuse holder.

Workman RCI2970 Power Lead

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A "universal" HF power lead supplies with 2 different plugs to suit many HF radios.

One of the 6 pin plugs will fit many popular HF radios such as Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom etc.

The other end fits the Ranger rci2970 radio amongst others.