Brackets (radio)

Radio mounting brackets, slide mounts and thumb screws.

Suction Mount (window bracket)

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A suction mount for use on a window or other flat surface, designed to hold a small CB or similar radio.

The mount comes complete with a small bracket to fit the CRT ONE and CRT SPACE radios (and any others such as the Team which are the same size).

The bracket can be unbolted from the mount, so you could attach a different bracket to suit a different CB or other radio (as long as it was not too heavy).

Adjustable Rig Bracket

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An adjustable rig bracket, which will adjust to suit radios from 13cm to 22cm.

TCB-550, Midland 38 & 98 Bracket

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Original mounting bracket for  tti TCB-550, TCB-560, TCB-565.

Also suitable for the Midland 38, Midland 98, CRT S-Mini, and any other radios the same size.

Fits radios approx 125mm (5") wide.

DIN Adapter Bracket for Mobile CB's

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We now stock a range of 18 different size DIN adapter brackets to suit most makes and models of CB.

Ideal for trucks etc which have a spare radio size hole in addition to their normal radio slot.

Includes all hardware required to fit the bracket to your radio.

The design/construction varies slightly from the picture, depending upon the radio model.

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Best Value - fits many other makes

A new range of DIN adapters to allow you to fit a CB neatly into a standard DIN (radio) slot.

These are made by tti for their range of radios, but they do also fit other makes and models and are better priced than other makes.

Fits tti, Midland, Intek and other popular radio.

DIN Adapter Bracket (fits Lincoln 2, CRE-8900, Alinco DR-135)

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A DIN adapter to allow you to fit a CB neatly into a standard DIN (radio) slot.

This model fits the new larger multimode radios including President Lincoln 2, CRE-8900 and Alinco DR-135.

Cobra 148 / Superstar 3900 / SS 6900 / SS 7900 Rig Bracket


Large rig bracket suitable for the Cobra 148, CRT SS6900, CRT SS7900,  Superstar 2000, and Superstar 3900 radios.  May also suit some other large multimodes.

If you need the thumbscrew kit as well (as listed below) then save £1 by ordering both together - £10.95 for the complete kit (select in options).

Size: 205mm

Cobra/Superstar Thumbscrew Kit

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A fitting kit consisting of 4 x 5mm thumb screws and 2 x rubber protectors.

These are suitable for the Cobra 148, Superstar 3900, Ranger 2950, DX5000, SS6900 etc.

President Harry 3, Truman, Teddy Bracket

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Original replacement rig bracket to fit the small President radios. Will fit:

  • President Teddy
  • President Barry
  • President Truman
  • President Harry 3

Lincoln 2 Bracket

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Original mounting bracket for a President Lincoln 2.

Lincoln 2 Rubber Spacer/Washer

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A pair of the rubber washers that fit between the bracket and radio.

Will fit the President 2 and Alinco DR135 radios.

Does NOT include the thumbscrews.

Sorry, I don't know why these are so expensive!

Jackson 2 Bracket

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Original mounting bracket for President Jackson 2.

Midland Alan 78 Bracket

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Original mounting bracket for Midland Alan 78 CB, width 14cm.

CRT SS-9900 Rig Bracket

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Original radio mounting bracket for a CRT SS-9900 radio.

Does not include thumb screws.

CRT Millenium, Midland M-Mini, Midland M-5 Bracket

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A replacement "quick release" bracket for the CRT Millenium.

Will also fit the Midland M-Mini and Midland M-5.

President Lincoln Rig Bracket

Sold Out - discontinued

Original replacement bracket for a President Lincoln or Uniden 2830.

Expensive - but it is the only one which will fit correctly.

Slide Mount (small)

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Enables the quick removal of your radio from your vehicle, and if you use several vehicles or radios it allows you to easily swap radios between vehicles.

This is a smaller size version but still with all connections fitted - for power, speaker and antenna.

You need to either fix your normal mounting bracket to the slide mount, or drill holes in the casing of your rig and attach the slide mount directly.

Ideal size for most of the newer more compact radios.

Size (radio half): 10cm wide x 9cm deep (approx).

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A universal swivel mount for CB radios etc.

Allows you to swivel and tilt your radio, to fit in any location.

Thumb Screws (plastic)

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Large plastic replacement thumb screws.  Price is per pair.

Available in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm thread.

Please Note:  the 6mm screws have been packed loose in big bags and we are finding that most look "used" with rubbing against each other!

Thumb Screws (metal)

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Smaller all metal replacement thumb screws.  Price is per pair.

Available in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm thread. 

Rubber Washer

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20mm rubber washer to fit between radio and mounting bracket.

Price is for ONE washer, just order however many you need.

Large Velcro Pads

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A pair of large self adhesive hook & loop pads, ideal for mounting radios & accessories.

These are about twice the width of the standard tape (listed below).

Size:  2" x 6"  (5cm x 15cm)

Velcro Tape

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"Velcro" hook & loop tape, handy for fixing rigs and accessories. Approx 1" wide.

Price is for 1ft of each type - it will be sent in a single length, so if you select quantity as 3 then you would get 3ft of each.