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Audio King Oil Can™ High Performance Centre-Load CB antenna

The Oil Can™ antenna is easily recognized for its centre load oil-cooled design. The copper coil is surrounded by oil to stabilise the coil temperature for excellent SWR readings. The Oil Can™ is rated at 1000 watts. Originally designed by Van Ordt Inc. CB radio Antenna manufacturers in the early 80's as the Audio King.

  • AudioKing 1000 Oil Filled CB Mobile Antenna
  • Type: Centre loaded oil can type CB antenna  
  • Frequency: 26-28MHz
  • Length: 145cm
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 or better  
  • Power: 1000 Watts 
  • Fitting: Standard 3/8 thread 

9ft 1/4 Wave Whip

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A 9ft long, 2 piece, whip antenna, ideal for mobile DX.

Standard 3/8 thread on the base, the antenna splits in half for easy transportation.

The bottom half is quite thick and rigid, the top half is a "standard" whip as found on many mobile antennas. This slots into the bottom half and is secured with a grub screw.

Economy Mag Mount Antenna W1400

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A low price complete CB mag mount antenna.

Centre-load antenna, approx 65cm long, with integral shock spring.  Complete with magnetic mount with coax and PL259 plug fitted.

Performance is poor compared to a larger antenna, and the fitting is non-standard so you can not put another whip on the mount.

If you only need something cheap which will get a couple of miles, then this may be suitable for you.


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Universal replacement whips to fit a variety of antennas.

The straight whips fit most Modulator and most Thunderpole antennas.

The tapered whips fit the Thunderpole antennas which have tapered whips and the Thorobred Z27.

5ft Firestik II (tunable tip)

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Original Firestik II, made in USA.

With tunable tip.

Currently available in black, white or red.

The blue version is discontinued.

Original 7ft Firestik

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Original Firestik made in USA

We have a very limited stock of the original American 7ft Firestik antenna, available in red, black and white.  These are the original Firestik and not the Firestik II and do not have a tunable tip.

Ideal for static mobile DX work.

The BLUE version is now discontinued..

Please phone/email to check availability & colours.

Note: because of the size of these they can only be sent by carrier at a cost of £7.95. Best bet is to buy other things at the same time to save carriage costs!

Other Antenna

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