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Original replacement whips for Sirio antennas, including Hypower, Megawatt & Performer ranges.

Choose the antenna that the whip is for from the list.

Unfortunately any whip over 1.2m long will have to be sent by carrier and the delivery charge is £9.95.

Because of the high cost of shipping whips over 1.4m can only be sent as part of a larger order (minimum £30) - this is because it currently costs us over £17 to send out a long parcel!

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Replacement for Sirio Mythos 9000

Not only good quality but also good looking! This new model is a replacement for the Mythos 9000 and is almost identical except it has a standard stainless steel whip rather than a black one.

This is a very neat mobile antenna with a strong coil and tapered stainless steel whip.

Supplied with complete with DV (swivel) mount and 4m coax lead.

Note:  cable does not have a PL259 plug fitted. It is left blank so you can feed it through the vehicle.

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Hypower Swivel

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Replacement part for Sirio Hypower 3000/4000.

Swivel connector where the whip screws into, complete with grub screws.

Note: current stock is silver rather than black