Frequency Counters

Useful for both the technician and for the operator who likes to check he remains on frequency.

C5700 8 Digit Frequency Counter


An 8 digit frequency counter 0.1-60MHz.

  • RF Sensing Frequency Meter
  • 0.1-60MHz
  • 2 X SO239 sockets
  • 1 x DC socket
  • Size 13.5 X 3.5 X 3.5cm
Currently Unavailable

A 6 digit frequency counter that can be used either wired into the antenna feeder or wireless using the supplied telescopic antenna.

  • Blue LED display
  • 0.5MHz - 50MHz
  • 12V operation for mobile or base

Dosy FC50 Frequency Counter

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A 6 digit frequency counter with a blue display.

  • 0.5-50MHz
  • 6 digit
  • SO239 connectors
  • Requires 12v supply
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A 6 digit frequency counter with a blue display.

  • 1.8-50MHz
  • 6 digit
  • SO239 connectors
  • Tone generator for SSB
  • Includes mains power supply

A compact LCD frequency counter which will cover 1MHz to 1GHz, ideal for both CB & Amateur use.

These are a pcb with display only, they are not boxed and do not have coax connections on them.

They are designed to be connected internally into your radio, or you could make up some external tap to go in your coax lead.

Galaxy FC347 Frequency Counter (KF VI)

SOLD OUT - discontinued

BLUE display

A 6 digit frequency counter designed for use with the newer Superstar 3900 radios which have a frequency counter socket on them, it is also supplied with a lead and wiring instructions to fit it to older Superstar 3900 and Cobra 148's.

Plugs into the frequency counter socket on the rear of the Superstar 3900 and gives a display of both receive and transmit frequency.

Supplied complete with connector lead.

Now only available with a blue display.

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Zetagi C57


Sold Out - discontinued

Zetagi C57 7-Digit Frequency Counter

A popular 7-digit frequency counter which will measure 0.3-50MHz.

It can either be used in-line using the SO239 connections on the rear, or there is a RCA connection for an external probe or low power signal.

Measures down to 10Hz.

Requires a 12V DC supply.