Self Amalgamating Tape

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A large roll of self amalgamating tape.  19mm wide x 10m long.

Ideal for weather-proofing plugs, sealing antennas etc.

Approved (BT spec. M128) with strong elastic qualities. Suitable for insulation, termination, sealing, splicing and cable repair.

Kontakt Super 10 Switch Cleaner (Servisol 10)

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Previously known as "Servisol", this switch cleaner has been re-branded "Kontakt".

Switch and contact cleaning lubricant. Removes tarnish and other deposits.

Residual lubricating film protects contact surfaces. Increases surface area and reduces resistance.

Prevents arcing between dry contacts.

Supplied with extension tube to reach inaccessible areas.

Helping Hands

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A very useful tool for holding small items while soldering.

Robust metal stand and adjustable magnifying glass.

Helping Hands & Soldering Stand

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Helping hands tool featuring a round, 60 mm magnifier lens (2.5x magnification) in a steel frame.

With a weighted, heavy base for stability and 2 articulated arms with crocodile clips for gripping. This model also features an adjustable soldering iron rest, making it the ideal tool for electronics and other soldering projects.

  • An indispensable aid for model-makers, DIY'ers and Professionals alike
  • Adjustable joints for versatile movement in all directions
  • Crocodile clamps to hold work securely & soldering iron rest
  • Distortion-free magnifying lens
  • Ideal for any application where a 'third hand' is needed