Leads & Adapters

A range of replacement curly leads, extension leads, and cross-over adapters.

Standard Replacement Lead (6 core)

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A standard replacement curly mic lead.

5 wires + shield

Extra Long Replacement Lead (6 core)

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An extra long replacement curly mic lead, approx half as long again as the one found on an average mic.

Length will be listed as either 3m or 10ft - either way this would be if the lead was stretched out straight, which is never going to happen.

Available with 5 wires + shield.

Thin Replacement Lead

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A thinner than normal replacement curly mic lead.

Designed as a replacement lead for some of the smaller mics - such as the one on the Midland 77-095 etc.

Available in 4-wire only (3 + shield).

The picture shows it next to a standard lead for comparison.

Speaker/Mic Replacement Lead

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A replacement lead for a speaker/mic complete with a fitted 2-pin plug (2.5mm + 3.5mm).

Different versions are available to order - some with stereo 3.5mm plugs and some mono.  State your requirements when ordering.

Straight Mic Cable

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A shielded straight microphone cable, for making up extensions or adapters.

4 or 9 cores plus an overall lapped screen.

Current stock is black rather than grey as pictured.

Microphone Extension Lead

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A curly microphone extension lead, with a socket on one end and a plug on the other.

Available in 4, 5, 6, and 7 pin.

(4,5, & 6 pin are curly leads, the 7 pin is straight cable).

Microphone X-Over ( changeover )

Sorry, our workshop is currently closed and not making adapters.

We can make up cross-over leads for most radios - to allow you to use your mic on 2 different radios.

Just let us know what the mic is wired for and what radio you would like to plug it into, and we will make the adapter to suit.

Note:  these leads are for use on CB Radios only, we do not make them for Amateur radios

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A solid one-piece microphone changeover adapter - with a socket on one end to plug your mic into and a plug on the other to plug into your radio.

Allows you to use a different mic on your radio without the need for rewiring it.

Available in 4, 5 & 6 pin versions for a variety of radios - see "more details" for the full list.

CRT SS7900 & CRT 2000 Mic Adapter

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A microphone adapter to allow you to use a standard 4 pin microphone on the CRT SS7900 and CRT 2000 radios that have a modular type mic socket on them.

Available in 4 pin Uniden, 4 pin Cybernet or 6 pin Midland/President wiring.

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A very useful tester for checking microphones.

LED's show correct RX & TX operation, and a built in amplifier and speaker allow you to check the audio from the mic.

7 different sockets allow you to test most mic wirings.

Requires 12v power supply.