tti TCB-H100 Car Charger 12/24V

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A dual voltage (12V & 24V) car charger, to allow you to charge your tti TCB-H100 handheld in your car or truck.

Plugs into the stand-in charger to allow you to charge your radio away from home.

12V/24V Car Charger (Randy II)

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Dual voltage (12/24V) cig lighter charger for use with Jopix CB413, kpo Panther and President Randy II hand-helds.

Charge your hand-held from your car/truck lighter socket.

Midland 42 Original Charger

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Original charger for Midland 42 handheld.

  • 100-240V input
  • 14V, 180mA Output
  • 2 pin EU plug

Hand-Held Charger (12v)

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A plug-in charger to suit most CB and Amateur handhelds which require 12-16V charge.

Let us know what radio it is for and we will fit a plug to suit (as long as we know the size).

Intek Mains Charger H512 H520 AC-505

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Original Intek plug-in mains charger fitted with a 2.5mm stereo jack plug for the H-512 and H-520 handhelds.

Supplied complete with a UK adapter - so it will fit both 2 pin & 3 pin mains sockets.

Model number AC-505.

President Randy 2 Mains Charger

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Original President Randy 2 mains charger.  2 pin EU plug, so will need to be used with an adapter plug in the UK.

  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output Voltage: 8.8V
  • Output Current:  300mA

Stand-in Charger Randy 2 / Urano / Jopix

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A stand-in desk charger suitable for use with the President Randy II, Jopix & Urano handheld CB's.

Although it comes with a 2-pin EU mains plug, we supply it complete with a UK mains adapter (not shown in picture), so it is suitable for use in both the UK and EU countries.


Desktop (stand-in) Charger for AE2990

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Desktop charger DG-630N for use with Albrecht AE2990, AE2980 and other similar radios.

Microprocessor controlled charging will normally charge batteries to 90% capacity within 3 hours and then it switches to a trickle charge which can be left on indefinitely.

CRT 7WP & 8WP Multi Charger

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A desktop charger which will charge up to 4 of the CRT 7WP or 8WP radios at a time.

  • Intelligent charger
  • Automatic battery check & charge
  • Charge any number 1-4 radios
  • Units can be linked to make up to 12-way charger


Automatic Charger 4 x AA

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A microprocessor controlled plug-in charger for 4 x AA batteries. 

Suitable for both Nicad and NiMh batteries.

LCD screen shows charging status for each battery.

Can charge any number of batteries, from 1 to 4.

Mains, 12V & 24V Charger

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Microprocessor controlled NiCd & NiMH charger, for 4 x AA or AAA batteries.

Supplied with both a mains adapter and car cigarette lighter lead, so that this unit can be used either at home or in the car/truck.

The unit can also be used as a power supply (1.5V - 12V), both from the mains and from 12/24V. A selection of adapters are supplied with it.

AE2990 Cig Power Lead

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AE2990 Cig Lead
A 12V power lead with cig lighter plug fitted, suitable for the Albrecht AE2990, Magnum 1012 and Midland Alan 42 handhelds.