Matchers (antenna tuners)

Zetagi MM27

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Zetagi MM27 100W Matcher
A good quality compact 100W antenna matcher for 26-28MHz.

Zetagi M27

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A high power 500W antenna matcher for 26-28MHz.

Size:  160 x 80 x 120mm

Zetagi TM-999

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A very popular antenna tuner for CB for up to 100W.

The meter will give direct reading of either swr or power, the power scale being selectable from either 10W or 100W.

The matcher can be switched on or off.

  • Frequency:  26-28MHz
  • Max Power:  100W

Zetagi HP-1000 (transmatch)

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HP-1000 swr/power meter with Matcher

A high power meter and matcher for homebase use.

The twin large meters allow you to read both swr and power at the same time.  The meters can be illuminated from a 12V supply.

The matcher is very efficient and you will be able to tune anything except a very mismatched antenna system.

  • Frequency:  26-28MHz
  • Max Power:  1000W