Soldering Irons

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A very handy gas powered soldering iron, ideal for when you are working away from home.

A convenient gas-powered soldering iron. Offering up to 100 minutes of usage and a heat setting reaching a maximum of 400°, this handy iron can be utilised for a range of jobs.

  • Handy cordless operation using butane gas
  • Up to 100 mins operating time (at mid setting)
  • Maximum heat temperature of 400°C

Desktop Soldering Station Kit

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The 48W Desktop Soldering Iron Kit is ideal for both professional and amateur use. The kit features a temperature controlled iron via the rotary knob on the front of the unit and is supplied with 3 assorted long life tips, de-solder pump, iron holder with safety guard, soldering aid, tube of lead free solder, sponge and extra flexible lead.

  • 48W temperature-controlled soldering station with adjustable temperature range
  • Ideal for electronics and electrical repairs
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Includes Desoldering Pump, Lead Free Solder Wire and 3 x Assorted Long Life Tips
  • Extra flexible Lead
  • Colour: Blue
  • Heatup Time: 4 minutes
  • Lead Length: 1.5m
  • Power: 48W
  • Temperature Range: 150-480 'C
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An advanced variable temperature controlled soldering station with large digital display, complete with soldering iron stand.

  • Display shows selected and current temperature
  • Fast heating time
  • Teflon cable
  • Cleaning sponge included

25 Watt Soldering Iron

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A budget price mains powered 25W soldering iron, ideal for anyone only needing to fit the occasional plug.

Soldering Iron with "Boost"

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What a good idea!
A soldering iron which usually operates at 20W (ideal for soldering components etc) but with a "boost" button on it that increases the power to 130W for jobs that require more heat!

Fitted with a fast heating ceramic element and supplied complete with a small stand.

30W Ceramic Soldering Iron

SOLD OUT - discontinued

A high quality soldering iron with a ceramic heating element assuring a fast heating time, high temperature stability and a long life.
The bit is fitted directly on the element to minimise thermal loss.
Fine tip, ideal for PCB work.

Soldering Iron Kit

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A complete kit, ideal for the beginner, consisting of:

  • 30 Watt (240V) Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Iron Stand  (complete with tip cleaner)
  • De-Solder Pump
  • Tube of Solder

If you bought all the items separate it would cost you about £15!

12 Volt Soldering Iron

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A portable 12V soldering iron for use in your car.

Can be supplied either with croc clips to go direct to your battery or a cig lighter plug.

  • 12V Soldering Iron ideal for use when working outdoors
  • 1.2m Cord Length
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy To Use
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Lead Length: 1.2m
  • Power: 30W
  • Power Input: 12V

Soldering Iron Stand

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A sturdy stand to safely hold your soldering iron - helps prevent accidental damage to both your iron and it's surroundings!

Supplied complete with bit cleaning sponge.

Desolder Pump

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A fast and efficient way to remove excess solder or for unsoldering components.

Fitted with heat resistant silicone nozzle.

Actual model may vary slightly in design & colour from that shown in picture.

Solder - lead free

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High quality lead free solder, suitable all applications.

Supplied in a variety of diameters and sizes.

Tube of Solder with Lead

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Getting rare, we still have a quantity of solder with lead in it.

Works much better than the new lead free alternative!!

2.7m of 1mm diameter solder in a small tube, ideal for occasional work.

100g Solder with Lead


Getting rare, we still have a quantity of solder with lead in it.

Works much better than the new lead free alternative!!

Available in 100g rolls only.

Helping Hands

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A very useful tool for holding small items while soldering.

Robust metal stand and adjustable magnifying glass.

Helping Hands & Soldering Stand


Helping hands tool featuring a round, 60 mm magnifier lens (2.5x magnification) in a steel frame.

With a weighted, heavy base for stability and 2 articulated arms with crocodile clips for gripping. This model also features an adjustable soldering iron rest, making it the ideal tool for electronics and other soldering projects.

  • An indispensable aid for model-makers, DIY'ers and Professionals alike
  • Adjustable joints for versatile movement in all directions
  • Crocodile clamps to hold work securely & soldering iron rest
  • Distortion-free magnifying lens
  • Ideal for any application where a 'third hand' is needed

Desolder Braid (1.5m Reel)

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We find this very useful for removing small components from PCB, much less likely to damage fine trackwork than a desolder pump.

  • 1mm wide
  • 1.5m length
  • mini reel

Desolder Braid (2mm wide) (per metre)

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Sold by the metre

We find this very useful for removing small components from PCB, much less likely to damage fine trackwork than a desolder pump.

A high quality desolder braid made in USA.  This is the one we use ourselves.

  • Width 2.0mm, length 30m
  • For desoldering SMD and conventional components
  • Flux impregnated according to F-SW 32
  • Suitable for desoldering SMD and conventional components
  • Sold by the metre
  • Brand: Edsyn  (made in USA)