24 Volt

The amplifiers listed below are for use on 24 volts.  They will not work correctly if used on 12 volts.
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RM KL 500-24  300W with pre-amp

A high output 24 volt amplifier.

Because this is 24V it only needs a maximum of 16A to run it, the equivalent 12V one would need 32A for the same output! (guess how much a suitable dropper would be for that!).

The amplifier has variable output through a 6 position switch (from about 50W upwards) and a switchable receive pre-amplifier (not variable).

RM KL 300-24  24 volt mobile amplifier

Our most popular 24 volt amplifier.

No need to worry whether your dropper is big enough to cope, plus it will work out cheaper than buying a separate amplifier and dropper.