President supply a range of antennas designed to match their range of radios, ranging from a discreet antenna such as the "New York" up to a high performing antenna such as the "Colorado".
When purchased at the same time as a President radio, President will extend their guarantee on the radio by 3 years (see specifics on the radio).



President Colorado - a large high performance mobile antenna. Over 6ft tall supplied with SO239 body mount and cable.

The antenna is a standard SO239 fitting, so can be used either on the supplied mount or on an optional mag mount.

The antenna includes heavy duty Stainless Steel Whip, President Coil with adjustable angle for whip, Body Mount, RG58 Cable (fixed to the mount at one end) with a small FME termination (for easier installation) and a PL259 converter to screw on, Allen Key, President Sticker

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The President Virginia is a compact mag mount antenna. It has a 49cm whip, comes with a magnetic base, 4.3m of RG174 coax cable and PL259 connector.

Similar in style to the "New York" but this antenna has a fixed angle on the whip, whereas the "New York" can be angled.

Sold Out - discontinued

A discreet "bee sting" style mag mount antenna, ideal where you don't want an obvious CB antenna on your vehicle.

It will not work as well as a big 5ft antenna, but because of it's loading it will outperform any similar size antenna.

Has a unique adjustable angle, so that you can lean the antenna at either 60' or 100'.

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President Super Florida magnetic mount CB antenna.

A mid sized mobile antenna, 68cm long, supplied with a magnetic mount with RG58 coax and PL259 connector.

Discontinued - replaced with "UP" version below

President's ML145 magnetic CB antenna kit is a good mid-sized antenna and comprises of a 5/8 Wave Stainless Steel whip, magnetic base and 4m of RG58 coax with a fitted PL259 plug.

The antenna is 1.5m long.

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New version of the President ML145 antenna supplied with the new extra slim "UP" mag mount.