President supply a range of antennas designed to match their range of radios, ranging from a discreet antenna such as the "New York" up to a high performing antenna such as the "Colorado".
When purchased at the same time as a President radio, President will extend their guarantee on the radio by 3 years (see specifics on the radio).

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The President Virginia is a compact mag mount antenna. It has a 49cm whip, comes with a magnetic base, 4.3m of RG174 coax cable and PL259 connector.

Similar in style to the "New York" but this antenna has a fixed angle on the whip, whereas the "New York" can be angled.

Sold Out - discontinued

A discreet "bee sting" style mag mount antenna, ideal where you don't want an obvious CB antenna on your vehicle.

It will not work as well as a big 5ft antenna, but because of it's loading it will outperform any similar size antenna.

Has a unique adjustable angle, so that you can lean the antenna at either 60' or 100'.

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President Super Florida magnetic mount CB antenna.

A mid sized mobile antenna, 68cm long, supplied with a magnetic mount with RG58 coax and PL259 connector.

Discontinued - replaced with "UP" version below

President's ML145 magnetic CB antenna kit is a good mid-sized antenna and comprises of a 5/8 Wave Stainless Steel whip, magnetic base and 4m of RG58 coax with a fitted PL259 plug.

The antenna is 1.5m long.


New version of the President ML145 antenna supplied with the new extra slim "UP" mag mount.