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Sold Out - discontinued

With features such as an analogue signal meter, LED channel display, and rotary channel selector - this radio has the looks of an older generation but inside it uses the latest PCB technology to offer you all the features you are likely to want.

The radio is the now common "multi standard" - so it is legal in most EU countries - simply select what country you are in and the radio will preset itself to cover all the legal frequencies for that country (including the use of AM & FM where permitted).

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- 80 AM/FM channels (according to the selected band)
- Channel selector
- Volume with power ON/OFF control
- Manual and automatic squelch (
- MIC gain
- RF gain
- Digital channel indicator
- TX/RX LED indicator
- FM mode LED indicator
- Function switch
- ANL/ANL+NB switch
- CB/PA (Public Address) switch
- Channel 9 and 19 switch
- Mode AM/FM switch
- Lateral microphone plug
- Jack for external speaker
- Jack for P.A (Public Address)

- Width 160mm
- Height 55mm
- Depth 160