The UK Scanning Directory

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9th Edition  Sold Out

Britain's most comprehensive frequency listing - covering everything from Aircraft to Zoos.

Completely revised in 2005 with many new frequencies added and obsolete frequencies removed - making it the most up to date listing available.

The UK Scanning Directory is the

essential book for all scanner

owners and frequency collectors.

• The 9th edition of The UK Scanning Directory is packed full of

VHF/UHF frequencies - from 26 MHz to 2.5 GHz. It covers

everything from covert government frequencies to local council

traffic wardens and dust carts. It has been completely updated;

old frequencies have been discarded and thousands of new,

verified ones added. This is the definitive frequency guide and

that's why it's used not only by radio enthusiasts and frequency

collectors but also by industry and the military, the police and

various other government departments.

• Everybody's amazed by the information we print. We list

frequencies for Civil and Military Aviation, Army, Navy, Police,

DSS Snoopers, GCHQ, Prisons, Eye-in-the-Sky Links, Bailiffs,

Outside Broadcasting, Motor Racing, Universities, Railways,

Telephones, Couriers and many more we dare not mention. All

frequencies are listed in a logical order under the relevant

sections of the radio spectrum to make it easier for you to find

the ones you're looking for and to help you to explore new areas.

• The Aviation Bands section covers both Military and Civilian

Aviation and a separate section lists every airport and military

airfield in alphabetical order to make finding frequencies easier

and quicker.

• As well as frequency lists, there are also articles on scanning

and the law, scanning for beginners, how to monitor PMR, the

military and the civilian aviation bands, Formula One and rallies

and a late news section for the very latest discoveries.

Whether you're an experienced scanner user or just starting

out, this book will help you to get the most out of the hobby.