Jetfon 20A Power Supply

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Regulated 13.8V power supply, ideal to run any radio up to about 150W output, or accessories which requires up to 20A.

Switch mode design makes it both lighter and more compact than a traditional transformer.

Because these are designed especially for radio use, they include extra filtering to prevent the interference suffered with cheaper switch-mode power supplies.

Current limiting & short circuit protection.


  • Switch Mode
  • Stabilised
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Banana-type sockets
  • Input voltage: 220 Vsc +/-20%50-60Hz.
  • Output voltage: 13.8 Vdc +/-2%
  • Output current supplied: 20 A (continuous) / 22A (peak)
  • Fuse: 4 A
  • Dimensions (mm):  210 (A) x 130 (H) x 260 (D)
  • Weight (g): 1500
Output Voltage 13.8V
Output Current 20A constant (22A surge)
Cooling Air convection
Protection Current limiting
Weight 1.5kg
Size 210 x 130 x 260mm