Midland 8001 XT

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MIDLAND presents their new version of this renowned AM/FM/SSB transceiver, technologically ‘updated’ with SMD components. It's classic look is appealing to many older users of Midland radios.

The MIDLAND 8001 XT is a multimode mobile transceiver, of easy and immediate use thanks to its practical controls and indicators, such as the knob to adjust the microphone gain (MIC GAIN), the modulation selector (AM/FM), the SWR-CAL / RF PWR knob that adjusts the antenna tuning (SWR-CAL) or the RF output power from 1 to 4W in AM/FM (RF PWR).

The MIDLAND 8001 XT is supplied as a 40 channel radio covering the EU channels only. It operates on AM, FM, USB and LSB. It does not have the UK 40 channels on it.

It can also be supplied expanded for use outside the UK where allowed.

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• Output power: AM/FM 4W – SSB 12W
• 5 digit frequency counter
• Automatic NB/ANL
• Indicator: signal/power/SWR
• Microphone gain control
• Antenna preamplifier
• Roger Beep
• ECO switch
• Clarifier
• SWR meter
• Frequency or channels displayed
* Fuse F7.5A/250V

* Midland 8001 XT
* Midland MDL4190 microphone
* Mounting bracket
* Power supply cable
* User manual in English, Italian, German, Spannish, Portugese, French, Russian.