Polmar Venus- hide away CB

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A compact "hide-away" CB, with all the controls contained in the "microphone". The main box can be hidden away out of sight.

The radio comes with a 2m extension cable to extend the reach of the microphone up to 3 meters from the main unit (the microphone has a 1m cable), allowing you to place the radio in different parts of the car, such as under a seat.

Although compact, the radio has just about every feature you could ask for - accessed through the buttons and menus on the handset.

The radio is "multi-standard" to cover both the UK band and all other European bands.

A unique feature is the "twin speaker system" - in the past this type of radio has had very poor sound quality on receive due to the small speaker in the handset. This radio also has a speaker in the main unit, both of which work together to give you excellent sound. There is also the facility for an external speaker.

Ideal where space is limited or if you just don't want a CB on show.


  • LCD display of both frequency and channel number
  • Scanning with adjustable stop and restart set on 4 levels
  • Priority Channel
  • Multi-frequency adjustment
  • Backlight display and buttons in three colors (green, blue and yellow)
  • Time Out Timer function
  • Roger Bleep Button operation with audible signal (beep key)
  • Volume control (40 levels)
  • 9 level adjustable squelch function ASQ (auto squelch)
  • Received signal strength indicator
  • Transmit power Indicator
  • Direct access to emergency channel 9 and 19
  • Local/DX Function
  • Key Lock
  • Microphone cable with RJ45 modular jack for quick installation
  • Socket for external speaker
  • Supplied complete with microphone - DC power cable with fuse, mounting bracket and screws, 2-meter extension cable to extend and user manual.


  • Transmitter: Crystal controlled PLL synthesizer
  • Receiver: Double conversion, superheterodyne system
  • Voltage operation: DC 13.8 V
  • Channel step: 10 kHz
  • Antenna Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Temperature: -10 °C ~ +55°C
  • Dimensions: Unit: 136 (L) x 108 (W) x 29 (D) mm
  • Microphone: 25 (L) x 58 (W) x 95 (D) mm
  • Connector ext.speaker: 3.5 mm Jack 
  • Antenna connector SO-239
  • Output power: FM/AM 4W
  • Frequency range: multistandard (various bands 26.965MHz - 27.991MHz)
  • Modulation sens: 2.5mV
  • Modulation capablity: AM: 80 %
  • FM: 2 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 0.2 µV
  • Auto Squelch: -126 dBm at SQ1, -47 dBm at SQ15
  • Distortion: 3 %
  • Max power: 3 watt