tti TCB-R2000 (with remote head)

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Sold Out - discontinued

The latest model from tti, and probably the most technologically advanced CB radio ever available in the UK.

The radio comes in 3 main parts - the main transceiver, remote display/control panel, and a wired remote control.

You can use the radio with it's normal microphone, or hands free using the included remote mic.

The TCB-R2000 is the new flagship model in the TTI CB range and is probably the most technologically advanced CB radio available on the market today. It is packed full of new and innovative features and is supplied as three main components allowing you flexibility in various mounting options.

The main transceiver comprises of the main unit that is supplied with front mounting speaker, normal fist microphone socket, remote hands-free microphone jack, AUX jack, remote control unit jack, and remote LCD unit jack (please note both of these jacks are also repeated on rear of unit). On the rear there are further jacks for extra remote PTT / foot switch (not supplied), external S-meter (not supplied), external speaker jack (not supplied). The main unit can be DIN mounted with the DIN mounting bracket that is supplied, or can be hidden in any other space in the vehicle cabin (under the seat for example).

The remote LCD unit allows you to view the operational functions and control many functions including switch power ON/Off, Manual Squelch level or DSS (Dynamic Squelch Level), Volume & Menu Mode, Channel UP, Channel Down, Scan & Scan Memory, AM/FM (AM not available in UK mode) or Channel 9/19 Selection, Attennuation & Favourite function Programme Button (dealer programmable), Dual Watch & Band Selection Button. The LCD Backlight colour can be selected in any of three colours (Blue, Green, or Orange) and the whole LCD unit can be mounted on sturdy metal bracket with Tilt & Swivel facility.
The Remote Control Unit is a wired “remote” control that allows you to control some key functions of the TCB-R2000 such as PTT and Call function, Menu Mode & AMG (Automatic Microphone Gain Control), Channel UP or Down, Backlighting Colour, Speaker Mute & Lock Button.
Also included with the TCB-R2000 is a “hands-free” VOX microphone that can be used when the VOX function is activated in the functions.

Main Features:

  • Dual Voltage 12/24v Input
  • Multi-Standard
  • Graphic Channel & Volume Display
  • ID Writing
  • Menu Mode (with extra functions like Roger Beep, Squelch tail Reduction, etc)
  • Programmable Function Key
  • Scan & Scan Memory
  • Frequency Read Out
  • Compander Noise Reduction Circuitry
  • 38 CTCSS Sub-channels
  • Attenuation
  • Remote PTT Capability
  • VOX
  • Speaker Mute
  • External Speaker Jack
  • External S-meter Jack
  • AMG
  • Squelch Control & DSS
  • 3 Colour Backlight selection
 Technical Specifications:

Frequency Bands
EC           CEPT 40CH FM 4 watts
E              Spain 40CH AM/FM 4wats
F              France 40CH FM 4 watts / 40CH AM 1 watt
PL            Poland 40CH AM/FM 4 watts (+ / - 5KHz)
UK           UK 40CH FM 4watts
UE           UK 40CH FM   4 watts / 40CH CEPT (EC) 4 watts
 I              Italy 40CH AM/FM 4 watts
I2             Italy 34CH AM/FM 4 watts
D             Germany 80CH FM 4 watts / 12CH AM 1 watt
D2           Germany 40CH FM 4 watts / 12CH AM 1 watt
EU           Europe 40CH FM 4 watts / 40CH AM 1 watt
26.965Mhz to 27.405Mhz (CEPT)
27.60125Mhz to 27.99125Mhz  (UK)
Power Supply
13.8V DC / 24V DC
0.7uV for 20dB SINAD in FM mode / 0.7  V for 10dB (S+N)N in AM mode
190mm (w) x 58mm (h) x 656mm (d)